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Friday, December 30, 2011


Yesterday, while doing some research at the Mitchell Library in Sydney about Dural where my Mawbey ancestors once lived, I came across some more 'McCulloch's.
Percy Vernon McCulloch, who on 28-3-1887 sold two lots of land in Dural to James Roughley II;
Ella McCulloch, who was the second wife of Percy Wilfred Roughley (b.1890).
Pearl Elizabeth MacCulloch, buried at St Jude's Church of England, Dural.
The Roughley's were a large and established family in the district who had farms and orchards.
They were predominantly Methodist, but some were Church of England.
The family forebears were two male convicts, Joseph Roughley and his second son James Roughley, weavers, convicted of stealing cloth.
Lawrence Mawby married Ann McCulloch in Sydney before moving to Queensland.
Was she a member of the Dural family?